Moving borders

TONI & GUY is considered one of the most progressive hairdresser brands in the world. It is the only hairdresser salon that has been awarded the SUPERBRAND Award, granted to the best brands.


TONI & GUY has been in Slovakia since April 2005, as the first branch of this globally recognized network of hairdresser salons in Slovakia.


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of TONI & GUY, the Bratislava salon extends its spaces together with the service portfolio. To meet the needs of clients while saving their precious time, you can now find top hairdressing services, quality cosmetic treatment, manicure and pedicure under one roof. You can use these services concurrently.


TONI & GUY also sets trends in the men care. We are the only brand in Slovakia to provide the unique service of traditional men's shaving. This luxurious skin treatment process is a real experience for every man who cares about his look.

TONI & GUY moves
the border of the concept of hairdressing.
It is synonymous with creativity,
quality and thorough approach
to each customer.